Monday, August 5, 2013

Flower Garden Vision

I really have been trying to add color and curb appeal to our new beautiful home, but I have been struggling. I bought beautiful plants (that cost a lot!) and basically they all seemed to die. Once I added a little miracle grow to the mix they seem to be recovering, but I still have a lot of work to do.  I think part of it is where the gardens are located. The two gardens in the front yard only get sun part of the day. 

Anyways, I actually created my own flower bed that I wanted to share with you! The soil near our house is extremely rocky. It makes it impossible to dig and create flower beds so we created a raised one. We began by collecting many limestone rocks from across the street where they are digging to build houses. This saved us tons of money since it was free. :-) We then created a pattern of stacking the rocks that was in sync with the slope of our yard. 
Now here's where we screwed up. We bought mortar and began to put the rocks securely together. I should have realized this right away, but oh well.  The mortar was grey and the rocks a yellowish. As a result, it looks a little funny. I later researched and found out we could have changed the color. I guess we know for next time!   Anyways here is the garden with some lovely plants that Zach's mom gave us from her garden (that I've already killed)!

Here you can see how different the mortar color is from the stone.

View from the front step

The pictures above are from early July.  The pictures below are from early August.  It seems the rocks have settled a bit.  

I planted some bulbs awhile ago and suddenly one day they all came up.  Hopefully they flower!

The apple tree we planted.  Hopefully someone nearby plants one so we can have fruit!

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