Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bedroom DIY Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is obviously not hard.  I also know that many others have already shared "tutorials" on the best way to do it.  I think the beauty of the actual gallery wall is how different everyone's can be.  I decided I would share with you the one I created for our master bedroom.  It's centered around pictures of Zach and I (obviously). 
      First of all, for having 3 thrift stores in my town you would THINK I could some decent vintage frames.  Nope! I looked, and looked, and looked for a long time.  I finally gave up and tried to get creative.  I tried to find frames with the most extravagant molding or best shape.  I could only finally a couple of these that were in decent shape.  So many frames are actually made of plastic now.  Then I just happened to stop in to Micheal's and found some plain wood frames.  They had a pretty cool shape.  I proceeded to paint those, but I still only had about 4 frames.  On this trip to Micheal's I also found another little treasure for the wall.  I found large letters "R" and "Z" and figured I could make something with them.  I ended up being able to make a pretty cute (I think) plaque with our initials.  I finished up the wall with a couple of frames I had and some cool decorative frames from Hobby Lobby. 
       Of course nothing was the same color so I spent a lot of time spray painting everything white.  I have finally finished the wall though.  Hooray! 

Painting the frames

      And for the big reveal ......

I eventually want to add more frames and accessories for the wall, but am waiting to figure out what size the furniture placed on this wall will be.  I'm hoping to find a horizontal dresser to refinish to place below.  Hopefully I will be successful!

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