Friday, August 16, 2013

New Furniture!!!

We knew we had family coming to visit in the upcoming months and decided it was finally time to get rid of the dreaded couch I had in many college apartments.  I honestly don't want to know what was all in the fabric of that couch.  It was extremely dirty no matter how many times I tried to wash the cushions!   

Living Room Before-   Nasty couch on left and mismatched pillows :-)

 Don't get me wrong, I love microfiber couches, BUT they don't seem to stay clean without a lot of work.  Maybe it's just my crazy dog that makes it that way!  Anyways, when we went to look for new furniture we started by doing the butt test.  We literally sat on everything probably three times.  Once we had it narrowed down to two couches I think I took about two more hours to decide.  We ended up picking a couch that was dark brown and had brown/red pillows.  I hated the color so we paid a little extra to choose custom fabric and pillows.  Yayy! Dream furniture :-) We now have the perfect loveseat and couch for our living room!  Sometime we will have to replace the recliner, but the pup loves it a bit to much for us to remove it from the room.  

Brady seems to make it into every photo. 

The living room still has many projects left to do!  
1) DIY curtains and curtain rod 
2) DIY end table and possibly a coffee table
3) DIY new lamps
4) Wall hanging for near the couch
5) DIY entertainment/media center to hide our movies better! 

Stop back to see all of these (hopefully soon)!